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Apr. 1st, 2008

I wish my mother would fuck right off. :/

Mar. 29th, 2008

Grrgrrgrrgrr. :| Hate my mum. Why didnt she just put the fucking thing on charge, ffs.

Fit, fit man. Last night's FNP was topp. What i wouldn't give to do what Frankie did, lucky gay. >.<
My brother is the beiggest waste of space EVER. :|
Ugh, he's such a tard, why can't he just go die. FFS. Fucking putting a ban on my XBOX LIVE account, fucking mong. I HATE HIM. HATEHATEHATE. :|
I've found out too many DWS4 spoilers today ^^; shame. And i realise looking back at my old entries, how i've been in areally crap mood for AGES. And how i can't stop moaning about how annyoing my mother is. Ugh, what kind of child has she brought me up to be?
Revision tomorrow. Can't wait to see Laura and Abbey and everyone and get Subway after. :) Night i guess. I'll be suprised if i get to go on Halo3 tonight :/
I wish people would stop doubting my abilites.
I wish i was pretty.
I wish i could write good stories.
I wish someone would love me for who i am.
I wish i wasn't so wishful, so i wont get my hopes up then get them torn down again, cos that always happens. Hoo-fucking-rah.

Well what can i possibly say? I'm so frsustrated at my mum, i wanna get away from her for a week or something. I just really dont know :///////// :@:@:@
See, now i'm torn.
It's not serious, but i was reading a fic last night, can't remember what it's called; the Doctor goes away for three days to get parts for the TARDI and leaves Rose and Mickey at home, but the night after, Rose comes across the TARDIS and soon realises he's from the future after Doomsday, and how he has three days to heal. It was a fantastic story, but it made me think, is that how it would've happened? Seriously? And when she described how he was going grey at his lovely sideburns, i almost cried; even so, DT'll look just as hot with grey sideburns, but it means he's ageing, so is everyone else. And i syated up till 2 last night dossing about in my room, and one of the City and Colour songs got me inspired slightly :) so i'm gonna try later. I need a shower now, i'll update later. x
I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhate my mother. The wya she ober-reacts ober eveything. I mean, its having an effect on me. I get stressed over fuck all and she has a go at me cos Shezza thinks i was talking, and gives me red writing. She believes some anorexic asshole that cant teach to fucking dave her life. I mean, this should be such a big deal but nooooooooo. GOD I HATE HER :||||
Steven cvame over at the weekend. He is THE cutest thing ever :).
I'm startinf FFXII again. I love that game bbz :]. x

Feb. 24th, 2008

I hate the way i always think of myself.
I hate the way Annie says my name like Juoooyyyyy :|
I hate how Ms. Tonge says i'm failing in geography, and how people are sending me letters telling me if i dont reply, they'll close my account.
I DOTN WANT TO BE ABOVE LEVEL IN R.E, I WANT THE ABOVE LEVELS TO EVEN OUT MY BELOW LEVELS D: FFS. Why can't things in school be alright? I'm sick of this shit. In fact, i'm ready to be booted off the pc. I'm just worried, cos mum always over-reacts at stuff liek this. It pisses me off so bad. Everything about her pisses me off :| fuck this shit.

Feb. 23rd, 2008

Mum pecks my head soooooooooo much :|||
Sure, dad and Chris have gone to Bulgaria, but that doesnt mean she cant annoy me half as much. FFS RRRRGHHHH. And i still have this R.E essay to do, and type up! God, why ddi i leave this till last minute? My own stupid fucking fault.
I'm hungry. I'm a fat fucking slob. I'm a right cunt. Much love.

p.s. i wis Kieran would do one.
Fucks sake, man. Mums doing my head in. And dad. Last ngiht, dad fell out with Chris, Chris fell out with Sally, dad fell out with mum, and i was stuck in my room, with Friends and subtitles. I'd definately get bollocked if i turned it up obv. Mum still doesn't know about Charlie. I feel better not telling her, or every so often, she'd be like, 'OOH WHATS CHARLIE SAYING?' and then about 30 seconds later, 'HE STILL TALKING TO YOU?'
If i had the guts to, i'd tell her to piss off.
Another 'early night' again. RRRGHH :/ i wanna go town so bad :]
I'm not sure whether he's interested in me anymore. Then again i'm always like this.
Yeah, 3 times in one day. Not doing this again :) haha.

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